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Making the world smaller

Blue Jeans video conferencing perth

We are excited to be the first regional partner in Perth for BlueJeans. The video network is bringing people together from all over the world enabling collaboration and bringing global companies together. With the likes of Facebook and Stanford using the software, we wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. We are using it as a test case in education as schools and universities want to collaborate with others around the world to bring more to their…

What’s really happening on your network?


It’s better to avoid a security breach than hunt for excuses afterwards. In 2013, Neiman Marcus suffered a data breach and as a result credit card data for 350,000 customers was exposed. Of those accounts exposed, Neiman Marcus agreed that 9,200 of the accounts were later used in fraudulent activity. These type of breaches are becoming more and more common as hackers focus on more targeted hacks. We’ve seen massive problems such as operations being stopped in the NHS because…

New IoT survey: Wake up to the Internet of Things


The dawn of the IoT era has begun. With opportunities and challenges galore, it’s no time to be caught napping. Business and IT decision-makers share their IoT plans in a new IoT study. When a type of project consistently exceeds expectations, you’ve got to sit up and pay attention. That’s exactly where we are now with the Internet of Things (IoT). In the survey “IoT Today and Tomorrow,” only 16% of business leaders projected a large profit gain from their…

How Can Australian Schools Keep Students Safely Connected in the Digital Classroom?


We all know that technology offers tremendous learning opportunities to today’s students. Interacting with other schools, other cultures and languages – the classroom can be an exciting place. But how do we allow students to take the classroom with them as they move around the campus… and how do we make sure they can do it safely? Among the schools we’re working with in Western Australia, there are students video-conferencing with partner schools across the globe, classes learning about using…

Budget Pressures: How Can Schools Afford to Lead the Way in Technology?

ICT efficiencies in schoolspng LG

When planning an excellent education for children, aspects such as quality of teaching, facilities, even tradition might feature in the plans of schools and parents. Today, though, technology capability also plays a part. To prepare youngsters for the world of higher education and employment, it is vital that they have access to the right learning systems. And that means some tough choices for WA schools balancing an IT budget with other needs. Within three years, almost 90 per cent of…

Where Next for Technology in Schools? The IT Trends That Are Changing Education.

technology in classrooms

Classroom technology is rapidly changing and it’s important for your school or education institution to be at the forefront of growing trends in technology. In a recent IT report*, it was suggested that emerging technologies will change our lives in ‘profound and unforeseen ways’, and education is in many ways leading the charge. In fact, the same report confirms what most of us have observed – the pace of change is rapidly outstripping the ability to fully understand it. Western…

Petya: Global Ransomware Attack


On June 27, 2017, the Petya ransomware began impacting multiple organisations, with local news reporting the encryption of files and halt to operations for multiple Australia based organisations. Cadburys Australia (Tasmania) were hit with this screen in the above image when logging on (source: ABC Online) after an attack around 9:30pm Tuesday night. Other reportedly affected companies with Australian operations include TNT Express Australia, DLA Piper and AP Moller Maersk. The attack has affected government and critical infrastructure operators, appearing to spread in a…

Hyper convergence enables you to adapt to new business demands with agility

Hyper converged solutions

Innovation is disrupting every business in every industry. Technology is lowering barriers to entry, while consumerisation is driving change from the outside in. In the new idea economy, success will be determined  by your ability to transform IT to meet the new expectations of consumers and business customers and to grow your business in new ways. With a hyper converged solution, the traditional inflexibility of legacy infrastructure is redefined, offering a scaleable, efficient solution for enterprise IT hyper converged solutions. What is…

CASE STUDY: Software that supports an expanding digital education

Cybersecurity Perth IT MSS

PROJECT DETAILS: MSS Client: Iona Presentation College Iona Presentation College is a prestigious independent school for girls located in Perth’s Western Suburbs. Iona offers students and teachers a high-level of digital solutions to learning, with technology designed to move with students and staff from school to home. Product and Services : Sophos installation Why MSS? : A trusted company that provides IT support and managed services to the education sector. Client feedback : “A seamless service experience and installation of a complete product that…

Global ransomware cyberattack hits Britain’s National Health System

Ransomware copy

Ransomware strikes yet again. The UK National Health System (NHS) is the latest victim of the global ransomware, with ambulances diverted and patient records inaccessible in hospitals across the nation.   Wanna Decrypter 2.0 (AKA WannaCrypt0r, WannaCry or wCry) has affected over 74 countries worldwide, with 57,000 individual cases reported – and is now shutting down entire government agencies and national infrastructure companies. The ransomware is encrypting victims’ files and changed the extensions to .wnry, .wcry, .wncry and .wncrypt. Many security…