2018 CRN Impact Awards: MSS IT and St Mark’s Anglican Community School

crn awards - mss it and st marks anglican community school article

Most education institutions face the decision of whether to go BYOD or stick with school-owned devices. But there’s another way: mixing the two approaches, which presents its own set of challenges.

This was the path taken at St Mark’s Anglican Community school, which is located in Perth and has approximately 1580 students from kindergarten to year 12, along with close to 200 staff.

With the school’s student device renewal cycle coming up, St Mark’s took the opportunity to review its devices strategy, tapping MSS IT to review, develop and implement a new technology strategy to enhance its digital learning capabilities.

After conducting research and developing a proof of concept, MSS IT landed on a structure whereby students up to year 5 would use school-owned devices, while senior students adopted a new BYOD structure.

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