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IT Industry News

Securing your BYOD policy


Work practices have undergone a revolution in the digital age. Networked devices and more mobility have blurred the line between work and home as vast numbers of people perform their jobs across multiple platforms, often far from the office. An accompanying phenomenon is the bring your own device (BYOD) policy which allows employees to use their own laptops and smartphones in the office or, alternatively, to use those devices to work from home. BYOD has its pros and cons, and…

Improving efficiency while removing cost, risk, and complexity from data protection.

HPE and Veeam solution

Data availability and backup is a business issue, not an IT issue Protecting organizational data is not a choice – it’s a necessity that underpins business performance, reliability, and resiliency. In the Forester Report “The Ongoing IT Struggle: Delivering Availability 24x7x365,” they talk about the increasing number of mission-critical and business-critical workloads and the demand for Always-On availability. The IT function has become ever-more critical to business success as the architects of a new era of business are tasked with…

The Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Businesses

hybrid cloud solutions

Imagine sitting down anywhere in the world, and having full access to your business files and tools, at any time and on any device. That’s the power of hybrid cloud based computing. As technology expands, it’s becoming more important than ever for businesses to run operations in an optimised and secure way. That’s why record numbers of Australian businesses are moving their operations onto the cloud. Hybrid cloud based computing can rapidly improve your business operations, helping it to perform…

2018 CRN Impact Awards: MSS IT and St Mark’s Anglican Community School


Most education institutions face the decision of whether to go BYOD or stick with school-owned devices. But there’s another way: mixing the two approaches, which presents its own set of challenges. This was the path taken at St Mark’s Anglican Community school, which is located in Perth and has approximately 1580 students from kindergarten to year 12, along with close to 200 staff. With the school’s student device renewal cycle coming up, St Mark’s took the opportunity to review its…

CASE STUDY: ICT Infrastructure to support Perth’s largest pub


PROJECT DETAILS MSS IT Client: The Camfield at Optus Stadium, Perth The Camfield is a licensed venue at the new Optus Stadium in Perth. This mega-pub has 175 beer taps, 5 bars, 20 screens, room for up to 2500 patrons and covers 9000sqm. The Camfield is the evolution of the large suburban pub of yesteryear. A family-friendly venue with modern finishes and a contemporary causal design. My partnership with MSS ensured I had someone I trust to guide the decisions I had to…

Importance of Cyber Security Protection for Australian Businesses

cyber security protection

Cybercrime is a very real threat to every Australian business. No business, however large or small, is exempt from becoming a target – in fact, over half of small to medium-sized businesses experience a cyber attack. Cybercrime can: Cause financial loss Disrupt business efficiency and cause serious downtime Damage your reputation Involve irreversible breaches in confidentiality Clients, competitors, and company personnel can all partake in cybercrime but it’s often initiated by one of the thousands of individuals and groups around…

Boost Your Staff Productivity with Managed IT Services

managed it services save time increase productivity

Issues and complications with poor business IT systems are one of the biggest causes of reduced staff productivity. Simple yet crippling problems can prevent staff from working on projects, pushing out deadlines and creating disgruntled clients. By entrusting your IT systems to a managed service provider, you can reduce the chances of downtime while gaining access to educated professionals that will proactively solve issues quickly and efficiently. Managed System Services Providers The first thing your managed system services provider will…

Securing K-12 learning in a mobile world


Unlike enterprises, school districts must contend with providing access for students, buying cycles that lead to separate domains and multivendor equipment, and inconsistent policy management and enforcement. Faced with 1:1 initiatives and Common Core standards, school districts need to address the basics. One of the first steps involves creating a mobility rollout plan that covers authentication, differentiated access and visibility. TACKLING AUTHENTICATION HURDLES Mobility initiatives often lack an identity store for K- Year 8. Students do not have assigned logins and…

CASE STUDY: Using technology to transform digital learning

Case Study - St Marks Anglican Community School (October 2017)

PROJECT DETAILS: MSS Client: St Mark’s Anglican Community School St Mark’s Anglican Community School has grown from humble beginnings in 1986 to be a thriving educational community of approximately 1580 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. The School employs nearly 200 staff, including teachers, education assistants, music tutors and administrative, grounds and maintenance staff. Product and Services : Technology platform review & BYOD program implementation for Year 6 and beyond. Why MSS? : A trusted company that provides IT support and managed services to…

ICT WA NEWS Magazine

MSS Mag Cover Mockup LR

ICT WA NEWS – Education Special Edition In a recent IT report, it was suggested that emerging technologies will change our lives in ‘profound and unforeseen ways’, and education is in many ways leading the charge. In fact, the same report confirms what most of us have observed – the pace of change is rapidly outstripping the ability to fully understand it. The ongoing pressure to remain at the forefront of technology is ever-apparent within the education sector. Trying to…