The Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Businesses

hybrid cloud solutions

Imagine sitting down anywhere in the world, and having full access to your business files and tools, at any time and on any device. That’s the power of hybrid cloud based computing.

As technology expands, it’s becoming more important than ever for businesses to run operations in an optimised and secure way. That’s why record numbers of Australian businesses are moving their operations onto the cloud. Hybrid cloud based computing can rapidly improve your business operations, helping it to perform faster and smarter.

When shifting operations to the cloud, safety and security of your data is the top priority. Choosing a cloud computing service in Perth means you’ll have direct access to support and services at all times, with all of the benefits of the cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing uses external internet servers to host and power business solutions. This can make your operations lighter, faster and more accessible. Cloud computing cuts back on costs and allows you to make quick, effective changes as a business owner or CEO – gaining valuable savings in time and resources.

Some of the tools that cloud computing can provide to your business include:

  • Storing files that employees can access at any time or place, across any device.
  • Allowing workers to use applications with each other in real-time, improving productivity and collaboration.
  • Providing safe and regular backups of all data, ensuring information remains secure even if the business premises are damaged.
  • Building large databases for accurate insights into business operations, as well as make quick, and accurate changes.
  • Adding extra layers of security onto your system, to make sure sensitive data is kept safe and secure.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

With the huge shift forecasted towards cloud computing services, it’s important that businesses beat the competition by adapting early. The benefits of cloud computing cannot be overstated, and are crucial in helping businesses gain a competitive edge in multiple ways.


  • Fast – Using cloud based services speeds up your business and frees your time, letting you adapt to minor and major changes as they happen.
  • Accurate – Make better informed decisions by having full access to your database, giving you more control over your business and its outcomes.
  • Scalable – Scale your operations up or down, depending on your needs. Flexible storage and hosting means you can optimise your business power when and where it’s needed.


  • Any device, any location – Easily work from home, or across computers and devices in the workplace. Have total access to your data at any time or place.
  • Communication – Enjoy real time collaboration with team members across time zones, locations and devices. Network and communicate more efficiently, and easily share files without interruptions.
  • Available – Have full access to licensed software on the cloud, enabling employees to use the whole range of available tools, no matter where they are. Set up new employees instantly with only the need for an internet connection.

Cost Effective

  • Light – Spend less on bulky and expensive hardware. Optimise business space and procedures for lighter, more agile work.
  • Productive – Increase workers speed and productivity by streamlining processes, saving your business countless hours in the long term.
  • Efficient – Reduce the cost of expert staff for system upgrades and hardware issues. Pay less in energy costs, and save on time delays. Updates and maintenance will never be a problem again, it’s all part of the cloud computing service.

Is Cloud Computing Safe?

Security is a common concern when considering cloud based computing, but using hybrid cloud software can actually make your data safer. Having data both on-premises and in the cloud, will ensure its fully encrypted to protect privacy and security, and can be continuously backed up in case of emergency.

Storing data on the cloud can also protect it against physical damage, or from being stolen along with computer hardware. Compared to the risk of losing laptops or malware accidentally sneaking in from employees, cloud based storage is a much safer option.

Your cloud computing provider will make sure you always have access to detailed and ongoing support, ensuring that security remains a top priority. Investing in added cyber security can also be a consideration, especially if your business deals with sensitive information.

Shifting to the Cloud

As technology plays a bigger role in the workplace, it’s important to shift operations to a hybrid cloud solution before older methods become outdated. The scalability of cloud computing means you can transition into hosted solutions at your own pace, and with a strategic plan that matches your finances.

MSS IT are the cloud computing experts, and can make sure your transition to the cloud is effortless and secure. Providing hybrid cloud computing services in Perth since 2011, we specialise in hosting solutions to match business needs. So contact us today to see how cloud computing can benefit your business.