Palo Alto Networks announce biggest release in history

the biggest release in the history of the company - mss it cyber security perth

With increasing cloud adoption, volumes of advanced threats and SSL traffic, security teams are overwhelmed with the task of improving cloud usage visibility, analysing data, detecting and responding to threats and inspecting SSL traffic. Palo Alto’s PAN OS 8.0 raises the bar of the Next Generation Security Platform, enabling you to embrace the cloud and prevent successful cyber-attacks, with high performance across the network, endpoint and cloud environments.

It builds on the powerful capabilities of the Next Generation Security Platform, embracing cloud to provide visibility, prevent advanced threats with better integration and information sharing across networks, endpoints and cloud. It prevents threats through automated workflows and security with fast and precise protection that is generated and shared globally. All of this is offered with infrastructure that is capable of handling today’s and tomorrow’s network needs.

“Protecting a company’s assets and brand remains a foundational component of the cybersecurity market, but today’s customers want to empower their employees to innovate. They want employees to: work on their own devices; have access to the latest applications; use social media to collaborate; all while working remotely from their favorite coffee shop. But in order to offer this flexibility, to empower innovation and fuel growth, the customer’s IT infrastructure has to be secure, making security the enabler of life in the digital age.” – Ron Myers, Senior VP Worldwide Channels, Palo Alto Networks

More than 70 new features added to the Next-Generation Security Platform.

Building on their natively engineered cybersecurity platform, Palo Alto Networks can now help you safely enable application, content and users regardless of location, prevent successful cyberattacks, simplify security operations and safely embrace the cloud.

The new PAN OS 8.0 release will help you:

  • Enable cloud adoption – through integration with AWS and Azure as well as an expanded lineup of VM-Series virtual firewalls.
  • Detect and prevent evasive malware and credential theft with a custom built anti-evasion analysis environment for Wildfire and bare metal for full execution. Plus MineMeld integration with Autofocus for automated action on threat intelligence and multi-factor authentication across the network.
  • Scale with predictable performance with new hardware which enables advanced security protection for large data centres to branch offices.
  • Have intelligent management at scale through fast and accurate management features and insight delivered by Panorama.

MSS Notes on PAN OS 8.0

We choose to partner with Palo Alto Networks as a leader in their field, and are truly excited about the developments in PAN8.0.  The release’s five focus areas – Cloud, Management, Preventing Credential-Based Attacks, Multi-Method Threat Prevention, and Hardware – show the company’s true commitment to innovation in the field of cybersecurity.  The PAN 8.0 release offers the world’s most innovative, effective and complete Next-Generation Security Platform.

Here’s how MSS and Palo Alto Networks are changing the conversation about cybersecurity:

  1. Complete visibility – you can’t stop what you can’t see, so PAN-OS 8.0 gives you complete visibility to everything in your environment, mobile, network, cloud in all locations.
  2. Reduce the attack surface – understand your areas of importance, and segment your environment to allow you to see and enforce.
  3. Stopping known threats – Don’t let a known piece of malware traverse your environment.
  4. Stopping unknown threats – Take new unknown threats, reveal it, make it known and stop it everywhere.

From unparalleled visibility and control to award-winning advanced endpoint protection to industry-leading credential theft and abuse protection, PAN OS 8.0 security operating system boasts truly significant enhancements and new capabilities across the platform.

To find out more about the PAN OS 8.0 release, or to talk about your cybersecurity risk areas and strategy, please contact us here >