Managed Services

Managed System Services offer complete Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service solutions to clients who require high end infrastructure and administration, without needing the initial capital expenditure budget to match their requirements.

With a variety of hosting, management and implementation solutions, our qualified and experienced team can provide most market leading solutions.

Our solutions provide scalable services for single organisations to multi tenancy support for shared service organisations.

As part of our Managed System offering MSS provides:

  • A fully documented service catalogue detailing types of service provided (application services, professional services, and technical services), service pricing, and service level agreements (SLA’s).
  • A detailed and comprehensive change management pro-cess comprising of the planning, scheduling, authorising, reporting and advising of changes made to any service which MSS is hosting. A change manager is assigned to manage, monitor and report on all changes to the environment.
  • A rigorous test management process which provides:
  • Risk based testing of functional and non-functional aspects of a change
  • Peace of mind for change implementers
  • Identification of gaps in process changes
  • Reduction of outages caused by implementing badly designed or non-required changes
  • Natural improvement of design and development practices
  • Automated application and load testing solutions
  • Regular service delivery reviews with a dedicated Service Delivery Manager. A value add to the service delivery reviews include performance and capacity management reviews, cost reduction initiatives, new technology and solution opportunities, productivity improvements and user enhancement improvements.
  • A “follow the sun” service desk covering Australia and New Zealand. The Service Desk has team members dedicated to the Customer’s business solutions, allowing a specialist knowledge base to be developed and maintained in the Service Desk Knowledge Management Sys-tem. This is accessible by all the Service Desk and Technical Support Teams. ITIL compliant telephony and management systems provide state-of-the-art access, messaging, alerting, ticketing, follow-up and reporting, all integrated into the Delivery Management systems and processes for customers.

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Using the As A Service model removes a large proportion of the capital cost and complexity around delivering a robust recovery solution to your business. Using best of breed management technologies and an established infrastructure plan.


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