Service Desk

The Service Desk is an integral part of the Service Delivery function situated in Perth (WA) and Auckland (NZ) using the “follow the sun” principle to provide seamless service uptime and handover of customer service requests.

Headed by a Service Desk Manager responsible to ensure all ITIL compliant processes are adhered to, the Service Desk is supported by the latest technology tools, monitoring and alert systems. Via the standard call numbers, the Service Desk provides service across Australia and NZ, with a standard 18 hour / day, 363 day / year schedule, or by customer specific request.

The Service Desk has team members dedicated to the Customer’s business solutions, allowing a specialist knowledge base to be developed and maintained in the Service Desk Knowledge Management System. This is accessible by all the Service Desk and Technical Support Teams. ITIL compliant telephony and management systems provide state-of-the-art access, messaging, alerting, ticketing, follow-up and reporting, all integrated into the Delivery Management systems and processes for customers.

The Service Desk is supported by experienced 2nd and 3rd level support teams, who interact directly with the Service Desk to provide expert solutions, in a timely and cost effective manner.

MSS Products in Focus.

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Using the As A Service model removes a large proportion of the capital cost and complexity around delivering a robust recovery solution to your business. Using best of breed management technologies and an established infrastructure plan.


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