The security of your organisation’s data is paramount. 

There is no room for second best.

The MSS name is synonymous with industry-leading practice in cybersecuirty solutions, offering pro-active protection, reactive solutions and ongoing audit services for clients across Australia;

  • GP Super Clinics & Hospitals;
  • WALGA Councils throughout WA;
  • Mining and Industrial Sectors;
  • Schools and Universities;
  • Australian Defence Contractors;
  • SME & Corporate Enterprise.

Our Solutions 

Our Perth cybersecurity specialists expertly provide tailored solutions for your organisation’s security requirements, including;

  • External assessment of your current security environment;
  • Improved visibility within your environment – known and unknown threats;
  • Ransomware protection;
  • Complete endpoint protection;
  • Network, enduser and server protective solutions;
  • SafeGard encryption;
  • Security awareness testing and training for end-users.

Trusted Partners 

We choose to partner with the global leaders in cybersecurity. As premium level partners of Sophos, Palo Alto Networks and other vendors, we are able to offer an extensive suite of solutions for your unique requirements.

Sophos Perth Cybersecurity IT  Palo Alto Perth Cybersecurity


The team at MSS has worked with organisations locally and nationally to secure their systems and environments. Below are some links to articles we have written on the subject.

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