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MSS Client: Iona Presentation College

Iona Presentation College is a prestigious independent school for girls located in Perth’s Western Suburbs. Iona offers students and teachers a high-level of digital solutions to learning, with technology designed to move with students and staff from school to home.

Product and Services : Sophos installation

Why MSS? : A trusted company that provides IT support and managed services to the education sector.

Client feedback : “A seamless service experience and installation of a complete product that offers security solutions at a competitive price”


The digital revolution in the education sector has seen the increased application of one-to-one devices in schools. Iona Presentation College was determined to upgrade its IT services to safeguard their network across the school’s desktop, tablet and mobile devices to ensure the safety and integrity of the system.

The College has 960 students and more than 80 staff equipped with MacBook’s and Windows desktop computers, as well as the use of ‘bring-your-own-devices’ (BYOD). The priority for the school’s IT department was to provide a safe and secure learning environment while still offering the opportunity to effectively learn and work with technology.


  • A customised and commercial firewall that met the demand of the Iona network
  • Malware software that would safeguard Iona’s network and digital property
  • Software that was applicable to both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • A one-stop-shop solution that was strong on value


Tom Brajdic, Director of ICT at Iona Presentation College, began evaluating alternative options to the school’s firewall and malware software with a particular focus on finding,

  • A firewall that would support the significant upgrade in internet service;
  • Malware software that could be effective across the school’s growing network of one-to-one and mobile devices.

Sophos was the ideal choice for Iona because it offered a firewall that supported the current internet service and would support an advancement to a 10gb pipe in the near future.

“Iona demands high availability when it comes to operational performance, therefore we replaced our previous system with two Sophos products because continuation of business is very important, we can’t afford to have the system down at any time.” – Tom Brajdic, Director of OCT, Iona Presentation College

Choosing Sophos also meant all software could be integrated with total control over the networks antivirus solution across all devices and operating systems (Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS).

“Another high-profile college had started using Sophos and highly recommended the product so we looked at what it offered, particularly the firewall, and saw that it ticked all the boxes on performance and price.”

“Sophos is easy to operate and we are impressed that it’s a complete product, fully built from the ground up.”


MSS currently work with a number of schools to provide IT support and managed services. MSS aims to build long-term relationships with customers, working together to ensure ICT is reliable, relevant and current to the needs and site conditions of the organisation.

Our focus if professional quality IT services delivered to enterprise, mid-market, government, education, defence, healthcare and charity/not-for-profit sectors.

Key Services and Products

  • Cybersecurity
  • Wireless setup and management
  • Connectivity
  • Hardware procurement

“Sophos is an ideal product to implement across schools and colleges in the education system because it allows IT teams to integrate the solution with minimal impact to existing users and technologies.” – MSS Engineer

To find out more about how MSS can help safeguard your organisation’s network, or for complete ICT service solutions please contact us here.

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