Desktop Services

MSS has a dedicated Desktop Management team focused on the provision and support of both physical and virtual desktop environments.

MSS has recently extended our service offering to include the ability to supply hardware aiding in the full life cycle of procurement, SOE development and installation, testing, performance monitoring and backup and recovery procedures for our clients.

Fundamental to the MSS Desktop Management service projects is the original audit of business requirements for new clients. Deciding between continuing with a physical desktop programme or building towards a virtual office environment will drive the outcomes and approach to any given project.

Once the business drivers are recognised a more traditional review of SOE, equipment, software, licensing and backup are architected with the required SLA’s to ensure the ongoing success of the Desktop environments.

MSS has experience with desktop rollouts, upgrades, licensing reviews and virtualisation programmes.

Recent additions to our desktop management team have expanded our capability to include tablet computers and smart phones including both the apple iPad and iPhone. New management software has been installed internally at MSS to offer the correct governance and policy control for ICT divisions on these previously difficult to corporately manage devices.

MSS can demonstrate a working history providing:

  • Desktop Equipment Installation and Configuration.
  • Desktop Software Installation and Configuration.
  • Desktop System and Environment Testing.
  • Desktop Performance Monitoring and Analysis.
  • Desktop Environment Upgrade.
  • Desktop Operations Management.
  • Desktop Environment Backup and Recovery Management.
  • Software Licence Administration.

MSS Products in Focus.

Amazing new product line from MSS Services

Using the As A Service model removes a large proportion of the capital cost and complexity around delivering a robust recovery solution to your business. Using best of breed management technologies and an established infrastructure plan.


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